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Mako Cockpit Concept

  • PDT is a full service display design and consulting company. The professionals at PDT have extensive experience with CRT, LCD, LED, EL, and FED displays - direct view and projection.
  • PDT provides system integration services for the simulator market.
  • PDT can help you with display specifications, display selection, and display evaluation. All the displays in your simulator must work together smoothly. We can help you get there.
  • PDT has staff engineers and consultants, who will travel to your installation for on-site support, troubleshooting, and design development.
  • PDT will provide complete support for your simulator project from the information gathering phase all the way through to deployment at single or multiple sites. We prefer to participate from the specification stage forward, as many serious problems can be avoided early on and so "fixed" much less expensively in the design phase than "worked around" later.
  • PDT will help write RFIs, RFPs, SOWs, Specifications, and ATPs. We will write specs so you only buy the performance you need, no more and no less. We can help you analyze "life cycle cost" as well as initial deployment costs. We can develop service and support training and documentation for your field sites, along with determining the optimum support strategy for each display in your system. If you have a problem at a late stage, we can help you anyway. Got noisy displays? We can "clean your screens". We can diagnose and fix problems in video grounding, signal incompatibilities, external interference sources, and even reliability.
  • PDT can work your program on a long-term fixed price contract, short-term fixed-price task, or hourly T&M basis. We donít need to do what you can do for yourself. We exist to fill in the technical gaps where you donít have enough continuous work to justify keeping an expert staff together.

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