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High Performance Information Displays Designed And Manufactured For Almost Any

Commercial Or Military Simulation Requirement.

Corporate Abstract: 

      Here at Precision Display Technologies, we design and manufacture, high fidelity simulation displays designed to meet the exacting standards of the Commercial and Military Simulation Display Industry. Our marketing strategy includes PDT Custom® displays and PDT Commercial Off The Shelf®  displays, which have been designed and tested to meet the industrial requirements for flight simulators, military consoles, and satellite imagery. PDT Corporation produces a wide variety of display products that include Color CRT Displays, Monochrome CRT Displays, Flat Panel AMLCD Displays, Discrete LCD Displays, Raster Displays, Stroke Displays, and Heads-Up Displays. Our OEM manufacturing acquisitions include the XYtron®  and Terabit® product lines. In addition, we offer component repair services, on-site support, consulting services, design services, and special PCB's for custom display applications.

We Offer Custom and Standard Displays for Simulation, Commercial, and Military Applications

      • PDT designs and manufactures high performance, high fidelity displays, designed to meet the exacting standards of the Commercial and Military Simulation Display Industry.
        • Color CRT Displays
        • Monochrome CRT Displays
        • Flat Panel AMLCD Displays
        • Discrete LCD Displays
        • Raster Displays
        • Stroke Displays
        • Heads-Up Displays
        • XYtron® and Terabit® CRT Displays
        • LED Backlights & Drivers
        • Power Supplies
        • Bezels
        • Cables
        • Firmware
        • Custom Displays & Boards for Special Applications
        • High End Imaging

          PDT offers complete turnkey displays for a wide variety of cockpits including fighter, air transport, and helicopter applications.

          PDT can provide a wide variety of custom display sizes and offers creative engineering solutions for your special application requirements.

          PDT is an accepted U.S. government supplier of satellite imaging and photogrammetry displays.

          PDT's  military applications include the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, F-117, B-2, and various helicopters.

          PDT's Air Transport applications include B-2B, Boeing 737, 747, 757, C-17 and LockheedC-130H and C-130J displays.

          PDT high performance displays can be manufactured to simulate almost any avionics or military requirement.

          PDT offers:

            • One stop resource for both custom and COTS displays and bezels
            • High contrast with high luminance
            • Wide range multi-sync
            • High grade avionics fidelity
            • Precise geometry and linearity
            • Regulated High Voltage

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